Reframe App

Visual rebrand

Website design
Multimedia content direction
Social media visual rebrand

The #1 iOS App for helping people reduce their alcohol intake or quit drinking, backed by Emory and Harvard University.

Reframe is a neuroscience habit change program focused on helping people change the way alcohol shows up in their lives.

Assembled and managed, led the design team. Worked closely alongside stakeholders and users.

Visually rebranded, designed and executed website redesign.
Lead and creative directed multimedia content direction. Creative directed social media visual rebrand
Sophie Cheung  Creative Director
Jacquelyn Wu  Animator
Alice Zhang  Visual Designer
Steven Kim  Graphic Designer
Sergheii   3D Animator
Beth Bowen   Content Writer
Nathan Illustrator
April 2021 - Jan 2022
Reframe had around 3,000 users in April 2021. Their digital product is exceptional, breaking stigma and barriers, helping many existing happy initial users. However, they did not have a brand, had trouble communicating and reaching more users. Their existing branding did not match the company mission and vision.
Rebrand Reframe according to their mission - a scientific, modern approach to drinking less. Create a sleek and sophisticated brand to highlight the company’s prestigious institutions, expert clinical team and startup accelerators’ backing.


Redesigned website to match its updated branding and mission. Creative directed animations that makes the website look more interactive and engaging, edited hero banner video, made Call To Action more obvious. Added Lead Generation quiz - Am I Drinking Too Much Quiz, generated over 15k leads.
Hero Animation
Conceptualized and directed hero animation. Worked closely alongside 3D animator and stakeholders to create website animation, highlighting the brand’s specialty in using neuroscience as an approach.
In-App Multimedia Content
Creative directed in-app content. Worked alongside design team to develop tools & content. For example, meditation illustrations and imagery, daily readings illustrations (unique illustration for each calendar day), breathworks, CBT tools.
Meditation Illustrations
Mindfulness Tools
Since the rebrand, Reframe has seen an 800% growth, 1000% growth on Instagram.
From 3000 users to 50,000 users in 9 months. From no ranking, to ranked #9 on Australia’s top health & fitness apps and over 6000 positive reviews from users.
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